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WSI Barrie wins International Award. The Web Marketing Association is the producer of the WebAward Competition. Now in its 17th year, the WebAward program is the longest running annual website award competition dedicated to naming the best Website development in 96 industries while setting the standard of excellence for all website development.

The Web Marketing Association was founded in 1997 to help set a high standard for Internet marketing and development of the best websites on the World Wide Web. This organization is made up of Internet marketing, online advertising, PR, and top web site design professionals who share an interest in improving the quality of online advertising, internet marketing, and website promotion.

Few Website award programs recognize the individual achievement behind the creation of today’s top web sites the way the Web Marketing Association does. The WMA believe it is important to recognize the people and organizations responsible for developing some of the most effective and best web sites on the Internet today.

Web Award

WSI Digital Marketing Barrie Award

WebAward’s Judging – Determining the Best of the Web

Here is how the WebAward judging process works:

Each website is assigned to three or more expert judges for evaluation. The Award Judges are informed of the mission statement and prospective audience for the website and provided a link with password, if needed, to enter and review the site.

Award judges are not told who submitted the entry or to which category it is entered. They then visit the site, starting with the URL provided on the entry form, and assume the role of a target user. After reviewing the site, they enter their scores and record their observations and comments before moving on to the next site.

Entries are judged on the following seven criteria.

√ Design√ Innovation√ Content√ Technology√ Interactivity√ Ease of Use√ Copywriting

At the conclusion of judging, the two highest scores are averaged for the final score. Any lower scores are dropped, although the comments from the judges are retained and provided to the participants if the site received them.

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