Link Building

All the major search engines measure and give credit for the number of “good quality” inbound links a website has. Links pointing to your website are viewed as a popularity vote, meaning the more popular (votes), the higher your website will rank. While many believe that it isn’t that important any more they are wrong. Link building is still a key part of organic search engine optimization.

Link Building is not About the Number of Links you have

It’s not about getting the most number of inbound links to your site. A single good quality link is much more important than a large number of not so good ones. It is all about developing a wide variety of links from many sources. Links from social media, authority websites and relevant websites to your niche topic gives you the best results.

Getting Started with Link Building

Unfortunately, there is no easy solution. Link building will take time and is hard work. The best natural solution is to add a blog to your website where you can write informative original topics (posts) that others will want to link to.

Don’t Include Your Company Name in your Links

The best way to optimize links is to use keywords that you would like your website to be found with in the link text or anchor text of the link. These keywords are more important than the number of inbound links.

Reciprocal Linking has Lost its Authority

Reciprocal links do not provide that much authority any more, but are still valuable as links. Never use reciprocal linking as your only source for link building. You want to establish a diversified approach.

Directory and Article Marketing Still Works

Both still work. Choosing directories that are relevant to your niche topic. Submitting articles to article syndication sites can also produce good back links.

WSI Can Help

Link building is still a very important aspect of search engine optimization and internet marketing. If no one including the popular search engines can find you online, what is the purpose of having a website at all? Your website is a business tool and every increasing valuable competitive asset. It can increase your business leads and sales if optimized correctly.

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