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Once your company establishes an online presence, the next step is to market your online business system to your potential customers. Lead generation is another core component in the WSI Digital Marketing System, and it is one of the greatest challenges most companies encounter. We offer a complete and measurable lead generation strategy, which can include various internet marketing campaigns driving traffic to your website as detailed on the following pages under Marketing Services.

You’ve worked long and hard to establish your business and your online presence can not provide you leads or a return on your investment with the wrong audience finding it, or it not being found at all. Receiving targeted traffic allows your efforts to be optimized and to be appreciated for the fantastic business that you are! This is the importance of driving targeted traffic to your website.

Imagine walking into your office every morning and finding ten hot leads flowing into your inbox. Using the technology of the Internet you can now have leads generated and sent to you on a daily basis. Before the Internet, you used to have to pay to hit tens of thousand of unqualified prospects because there was no alternative. However, that’s all changed now…

We are in the midst of a digital media revolution where Internet advertising and social media marketing is exploding at a rapid pace. According to a 2009 study conducted by, 71 percent of small to medium sized businesses surveyed will increase their email marketing spending in 2010, and 68.3 percent will increase their social media spending. As spending on traditional forms of media continue to decline, 79.6 percent will NOT run television ads, and 72.7 percent will NOT run radio ads. According to the same survey, SMBs rate the most important marketing tools for 2010 as: search engine marketing, public relations, email marketing, and social media.

Search engine marketing has become the most cost-effective way to reach customers, and offers unprecedented targeting capabilities. Pay-Per-Click advertising allows companies to reach consumers when they are actively searching for products and services, sending potential customers straight to their business.

Digital Marketing will position your company to attract the highest volume of targeted traffic, sending qualified buyers to your website or custom landing pages at critical moments in the buying cycle.

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