Discover Your Opportunities

A discovery meeting is an opportunity to sit down together to see if a relationship has the potential for success. The purpose of the meeting is to understand the challenge(s) your business wants to overcome, and whether WSI is best equipped to provide a digital marketing solution.

For 60-90 minutes we discuss the past, present and future of your business. We look at your online presence and marketing plan then break it down into what’s working and what’s not.

We Want to Know

A short-list of things we hope to know at the conclusion of the meeting include:

  • What you like about your current online presence & marketing program?
  • What you don’t like?
  • How do you track the results of your existing marketing activities?
  • Which competitors have a direct impact on your company and how do you ideally want to beat them?
  • Do you want to meet with us again?

We end the meeting sharing an understanding of your needs requiring attention. If you’d like to proceed than a we would schedule a second meeting to propose and discuss a solution.

If our expertise doesn’t appear to fit with your business or you aren’t ready to take the next step, no harm done. We’re always happy to meet with a business and identify areas of improvement for the future.

There is no pressure to move forward with WSI Barrie. So take a minute to fill in the form and request your discovery meeting. You have nothing to lose and a huge share of the market to gain. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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