Getting Found by the Customers you Want

OK so you have searched for keywords relating to your company and found results 1 to 10 of millions! How on earth is it possible for your business to be found with so may other websites out there? Knowing, if they can’t find your website, you’ve probably lost them as a customer!

The solution is search engine optimization, or SEO. And don’t worry, we can help you!

Search engine optimization is a series of actions which over time improve website’s visibility in “organic” web searches — that is, unpaid searches based upon the algorithm used by search engines. We focus primarily on Google, by far the world’s most popular search engine which in our experience accounts for around 90% of search traffic to websites we manage. The good news is that these actions also help you be found in other search engines such as Yahoo! and Bing.

The goal with SEO is to appear as high as possible in searches for keyword phrases relate to your business and drive good quality visitor traffic to your website.

SEO Success Starts Here

We will develop and implement an effective strategy in conjunction with your website design so that new customers in need of your products and services can find you on all the major search engines. WSI provides a full range of SEO services to businesses throughout Barrie and surroundings area, including Toronto. No matter what industry or how tough your competition may be, your business can take advantage of our SEO services to increase brand visibility, attract more qualified traffic, and expand the reach of your website.

Here’s a brief window into the process:

WSI Adaptive SEO (Uh, what?)

Plenty of businesses still look at social media and search engine optimization (SEO) as two separate marketing strategies, measured and handled independently of each other. And this was the best way to do it until recently.

Google, with other search engines in tow, now integrates social indicators into its search technology. This means your social media activities play a major role in determining your rankings on the search engine result pages (SERPs). WSI Barrie treats social media activities and SEO as elements of the same system, reliant on one another to achieve the best results for our clients. This is what we call WSI Adaptive SEO. A very effective way to insulate you against drastic and sudden algorithmic updates by Google.

Keyword Analysis

What keyword phrases relate to your business? And which keyword phrases represent the most popular, targeted, and effective phrases your potential customers are actually typing into the search bar? We’ll work together to ensure we know exactly what keywords relate most powerfully to your business.

Website Design

The search engines send “spiders” (also called “bots”) to read the content in your website and so a well-structured “SEO-friendly” website which is easy to for the “spiders” to “crawl” is essential. Often we can work with your existing website to improve performance. If this is not possible we can offer in-house web design services.

On-Page Optimization

Using page titles and headers, meta data, body content and text links between pages, we incorporate relevant keywords in just the right places and in just the right amounts to maximize your site’s SEO.

Local Search

If local customers are the key to your business, then this is where geographical keywords and local search optimization come into play. Because WSI itself “thinks global and acts local” we fully understand how to make local searches work for you.

Providing a Solution to Better Search Engine Rankings

Is your website struggling to stay on the first page or hovering around the bottom of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)? Would you like to increase the number of quality online leads exponentially?

Your local business can benefit from search engine optimization, whether your customers are here or anywhere in the world. Call WSI Barrie today at 705-796-2522 or contact us online.

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