Mobile Marketing Solutions for your Mobile Customers

Smartphones are everywhere and used by almost everybody, and increasingly used to access the internet. So these invaluable little gadgets are now – more often than not, a person’s first point of contact with your business. And this is a trend that will continue as people expect to access information instantly wherever they are.

Did you know more searches happen on a mobile smart phone than on a desktop? Do you know Google has modified their search algorithm that caters to mobile friendly sites when when a user searches from a mobile device?

This means an Internet marketing strategy is not complete without accommodating this crucial consumer channel. Smaller screens, shorter attention spans, and the different environment the content is consumed, mobile media requires a different approach.

A Customers Web Experience is Priority #1

Having a site that is mobile friendly, like a responsive website site provides a better experience for your visitor. Who wants to flip their phone, pinch to zoom and deal with small links that your fingers are too big to click.

Mobile Marketing includes:

  • Responsive / Mobile Websites
  • Mobile Search Marketing
  • Mobile Display Ads
  • Mobile Social Media Solutions

  • Everyday, consumers travel from their homes, to the office, to off-site meetings, to a stop at the coffee shop, then back to work for the afternoon before heading back home. That’s a lot of movement.

    A consumer might visit your site on their desktop at work, read an email from you on their tablet while at a meeting, and check you out on Facebook from their smartphone at the coffee shop. It’s becoming increasingly more important for businesses to maintain a connected and consistent presence across multiple platforms.

    Remember, customers are viewing your site from various screen sizes and various platforms. The company that provides the best user experience often wins. We build winning mobile websites and mobile marketing solutions to engage your customers while providing a great user friendly website and experience for them to keep them coming back.

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