We created an infographic outlining how the WSI Lifecycle™ helps your business. The ‘WSI Lifecycle™’ is the process we use to deliver the best possible results to our clients. The benefits of a system-driven process are that it’s proven and repeatable, which means we’ll deliver digital marketing solutions that work (because we’ve done it before and we’ll do it again!). The WSI Lifecycle™ also allows us to educate the companies and brands that we work with so everybody involved knows what’s expected and required throughout the duration of a project.

understanding digital marketing

As we embark on the journey of another year, we wanted to re-visit the principles of the WSI Lifecycle™ as they relate to defining a digital agency’s role in boosting your marketing efforts. With so many marketing tactics available, and even more digital agencies to deliver them, it’s no wonder companies – both large and small – are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. The funny thing about choice is the more variety you have, the harder it is to make a decision. Let’s try to clear some of the fog, shall we?

Collaboration Is Vital For Achieving Success With A Digital Marketing Partner

Before we jump into anything else, it’s necessary to discuss the importance of collaboration in any relationship between a company and its digital marketing agency. Collaboration is defined by Google as “the action of working with someone to produce or create something.” Unfortunately, the expectation and even the meaning of collaboration are often left unaddressed or assumed at the beginning of a digital marketing project, and this results in a breakdown somewhere along the way. Suffice to say that no matter which side is at fault for a lack of collaboration, it results in a bad experience for both client and agency.

understanding collaboration

But seriously, who doesn’t love (and expect) to collaborate on digital marketing projects? The client has the industry expertise and the information to define their target market, and the agency has the digital marketing know-how, the strategical vision and the resources to deliver. It’s a perfect match, and a relationship that should never go awry if both parties understand and are willing to collaborate.

Despite the positives of embracing collaboration, the reality is that it’s understandable when collaborative relationships buckle. We are talking about two businesses after all, and these days, workloads and stress levels are sky high in most workplaces. This is why at the end of the day, it’s absolutely key for an agency to get buy-in on collaboration before any project gets off the ground. We strongly believe in collaboration, which is why when you come full-circle back to our WSI Lifecycle™, you’ll see that the first three phases of our approach require heavy participation from the client. Fully transparent, just like we promise!

A Good Agency Leads By Example

Think about the quickest purchase decisions you’ve ever made; wait, scratch that, we don’t mean impulse decisions (because we know how those often turn out)! Instead, think about the purchases you’re most satisfied with, and then consider the reasons you made those purchases. Some of us here at WSI found that we were most satisfied by purchases that were a) recommended or b) that we had used, tested, or watched a demonstration for. It makes sense that the best buys are those where you get exactly what you expect, which is a concept that applies to our point about collaboration (set expectations first!) and the notion of an agency leading by example.

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